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What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Our unwavering support is centered around understanding and catering to your unique requirements. The service we offer is meticulously crafted to align perfectly with your needs, ensuring a tailored experience that delivers exceptional results.

Staff Augmentation

With a focus on delivering top-notch talent, we carefully assess your requirements and seamlessly integrate skilled professionals into your teams.

Contract Staffing

Whether you require specialized expertise for a specific project or additional resources to meet seasonal demands, we've got you covered.

Onetime Staffing

Whether you need to cover a sudden surge in workload, handle a time-sensitive project, or address a specific skill requirement, we are here to assist you.

Offshore Delivery and Support

Experience the benefits of offshore collaboration, including reduced costs, increased productivity, and access to a global talent pool, as we work closely with you to achieve your business goals.

Backend Support Services

Whether it's managing data entry, processing transactions, or handling administrative tasks, our dedicated team ensures smooth backend operations, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Project Delivery Services

Experience the seamless delivery of projects with our reliable services, as we strive to exceed your expectations and drive your business towards success.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Iqnous.

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Quick Turnaround

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround in hires, ensuring that you have the right talent when you need it. Here are a few examples:

Within 48 hours, we successfully placed a highly skilled project manager for a time-sensitive construction project, enabling the client to meet strict deadlines and deliver exceptional results.
In just five days, we sourced and onboarded a team of experienced sales representatives for a growing e-commerce company, helping them expand their market reach and boost revenue.
Within a week, we provided a qualified IT support specialist to a tech startup, allowing them to resolve critical technical issues and maintain uninterrupted operations.

Process Driven

As a process-driven company, we prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in everything we do. Our structured approach ensures that each task and project is carried out with precision, delivering consistent and reliable results. Here are a few examples of our process-driven approach:

In our recruitment process, we follow a meticulous methodology, including candidate sourcing, resume screening, in-depth interviews, and reference checks. This comprehensive process allows us to identify and select the most qualified candidates who align with your specific requirements.
When it comes to project management, we adhere to established frameworks such as Agile or Six Sigma. By breaking down complex projects into manageable phases, setting clear goals, and tracking progress, we ensure seamless execution, timely delivery, and optimal resource utilization.
Our customer service operations are guided by well-defined processes to provide a consistent and satisfying experience. From initial inquiry handling to issue resolution, we follow standardized procedures that prioritize responsiveness, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.
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Support after hire

At our company, our commitment to providing support doesn't end with the hire. We understand that successful onboarding and continuous assistance are vital for the long-term success of both our candidates and clients. Here are a few examples of the support we offer after the hire:

Onboarding Assistance After a candidate is hired, we provide comprehensive onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition into their new role. This includes facilitating paperwork, organizing orientation sessions, and connecting them with relevant resources within your organization.
Ongoing Communication We maintain open lines of communication with both candidates and clients even after the hire. We check in regularly to address any concerns, answer questions, and provide support as needed. This ensures that everyone involved feels supported and engaged throughout the employment journey.
Skill Enhancement Opportunities We offer access to training programs, workshops, and resources to help candidates enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends. By investing in their professional development, we contribute to their long-term growth and success.

Customer Satisfaction

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

We prioritize your satisfaction by offering stress-free spending and empowering you with perfect control. Our dedicated team ensures personalized service, transparent pricing, and prompt support, exceeding your expectations at every step. Experience an exceptional journey where your needs are met, and you have complete financial confidence.


Customer Satisfaction


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What Makes Us Different?

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

Technical Hiring Support

Streamlined assistance for recruiting tech talent

Innovative Thinking

Creativity at its cutting-edge best

Rapid Solutions

Swift answers for your pressing challenges.

Top-Notch Support

Exemplary assistance that exceeds all expectations

About Iqnous

Iqnous Technologies is a dynamic, rapidly growing Bangalore and Milwaukee based organization specializing in manpower consulting and offshore delivery services. With local expertise, it provides skilled professionals and collaborates with clients to align services and assist in achieving objectives. Its offshore model has enabled handling complex banking projects in the USA. The company emphasizes client engagement with its accessible structure. It remains dedicated to delivering quality services while helping clients to save costs through offshore deployments.